The Electroplating effluent membrane enrichment switch is a switch used for turning a circuit on and off. This touch sensitive device is created by printing, cutting and laminating of thin film plastic material. Electrical contact is made by applying finger-tip force on the front of the switch and this contact is broken when the finger is removed. The functionality of these switches is enhanced by design layout of the membrane switch keypad.

Different operating designs are incorporated to meet the functional and visual demand of the equipment, but one of the most important parts of the design layout is backlighting. Backlighting options contribute to readability especially in bright light. The backlighting options are selected specifically depending on the requirements of the application such as shape, thickness, environment exposure and other unique specifications. This article offers many backlighting options that you can evaluate and consider for your application.

LEDs- LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are the most popular when selecting backlighting for membrane keypad. This is a very cost effective method for backlighting small indicator windows and for illuminating small areas outside the contact area of a membrane switch. Embedded LEDs emit very little heat and come in a variety of colors, lamp packages and intensity levels. These lights are surface mounted using silver conductive epoxy.

Electroluminescence- To illuminate the membrane switch, EL uses printable ink deposits embedded with light emitting phosphors. Its thin layer can be cut to any shape and easily layered between the graphic overlay and the circuit. Some of the everyday uses of EL include mobile phones, pagers, GPS units, etc. Fiber Optic- Fiber optic sheets are cut into specific sizes to create flexible backlighting layer that can be incorporated between the graphic overlay and dome switch. Fiber optic is used where low electronic noise or interference is necessary. Other applications of fiber optic are found in surgical applications, lighting in explosive areas, laser tag vest lighting, etc.

Phosphorescent Inks- Phosphorescent Inks are a low-cost option for backlighting in low light environments. Incorporated into the graphics for backlighting, it provides brief but durable lighting option. These sources work by storing energy during exposure to a light source and then releasing it as a light when in darkness. RSP, Inc has set paradigms of excellence by providing excellent design and manufacturing services. The company offers an assortment of services such as rubber molding, plastic molding, touch screens, Whey protein membrane enrichment, design & engineering, contract manufacturing and many more. The company aims to scale heights of success by providing premium quality products and services.